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Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy

Leading the conversation on how talent acquisition leaders can leverage process and tech to develop insights informing talent strategy.

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Meet the host of the show:
James Mackey


James Mackey is the Founder & CEO of SecureVision. Since 2015, SecureVision has partnered with over 150 VC-backed tech companies, ranging from growth-stage to
enterprise clients to recruit talent in every department.

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S2 E17: How to build a talent acquisition department from scratch while in hyper-growth: Lessons Learned and Best Practices 

In this episode, host James Mackey and Lance Tripp, Global Head of Talent at Enable dive into the world of talent acquisition, exploring the challenges and strategies involved in building a successful department from scratch while experiencing hyper-growth. 

The conversation will focus on lessons learned from scaling SaaS companies in hyper-growth from a talent acquisition perspective.

They share their experiences and insights into the importance of leveraging ATS, building processes around tools, and using data to support decision-making.  Our guest also shares his experience of having talent acquisition report into revenue organization and the strategic thinking behind it.

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S2 E15: Why most companies fail at hiring the right people. How hiring the best fit people impacts business success and the bottom line w Meqa Smith

Meqa Smith, Founder of The Unforgettable Agency shares insights into the critical factors that contribute to hiring success, including leadership alignment, understanding the purpose of the business, and defining the right skills needed for the role.

They discuss the challenges of identifying the factors that truly contribute to success in a particular environment and explore the concept of the halo effect.

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S2 E14: The Rise of Skill-Based Hiring: Addressing Bias, Labor Supply, and The Changing Nature of Work with Josh Millet

In this episode host James Mackey discusses with Josh Millet, Founder and CEO at Criteria Corp, the many elements that are driving the rise of skill-based hiring.

They also discuss the concept of filtering in people, as opposed to filtering out, and the need to remove bias and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in hiring practices, as traditional tools have been shown to inject bias and not create good outcomes, and more.

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